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Name Type Voice Pitch Download Version
yuuma_vcv Files: 215
Voices: 1760
Freq avg: 146.3 Hz (D3)
Range: G2~B3
VCV Soft 1 129 MB | -- 1.0 (2019-12-08)

Yuuma VCV

His voice fits mostly slow/calm songs.
Logical range - G#2 ~ B3
Favourite range - C2 ~ C4
Recommended engine: moresampler
Recommended flags: eb-10


  • Compatible both with VCV and CVVC
  • Glottal stops (ex. a ‘あ)
  • English ‘th’ (サ, シ/スぃ, ス, セ, ソ) and ‘dh’ (ザ, ジ/ズぃ, ズ, ゼ, ゾ)
  • English ‘r’ (ex. - ら_en/a r_en)
  • Tongue-rolled ‘r’ (ex. - r ら/a rr)
  • Soft ‘r’ (pronounced as ‘l’) (ラ リ ル レ ロ)
  • ‘O’ both aliased as ‘お’ and ‘を’